Stewart PI Mousetrap: The Sales Pitch

The 2019 version of the Stewart Poison Ivy Mousetrap is coming down the mountain with rapid speed, and now is the time to take a good, hard look at what this race is all about. First and foremost, if you want to register you can do so here:

If you need convincing, here is what we have to offer for your race on Saturday, if you do choose to participate. This is what they refer to as the Sales Pitch

Great Weather

If you’re on the fence, check out the forecast for Saturday. Looks like great racing weather to me. We also got a train report from Wednesday that the trails were in pretty good condition.

A Great Course

Stewart is pretty legendary (sort of in league with Ghengis Khan less the slaughter) as being an awesome course for pretty much any ability level. The trails are fast & flowy, and those who may be unsure about the technical nature of mountain biking can rest assured that this is not a rock-heavy loop. This is a great loop that is always a huge crowd-pleaser.

You can check out the course here:

Free Food

Everyone coming out to race will have the option of 1 of the following items:
-Bowl of chili
-Veggie Burger
-Hot dog

Beverages will also be available but this is first come, first served and may not last the whole event. Due to the erratic nature of the event and bike races this year, we have to do our best to estimate the number of racers that will show on race day.

Completely fictitious burger. Yours will look nothing like this but in all likelihood will taste far better than this looks after you race.

Timed Podium & Raffles

I’m starting to see a disconnect between races and events and we are trying to bring these 2 items back together like they were when I started racing. What we see is a race process where the podiums are turned over sporadically through the day and there’s not specific event happening during the event. To that end, we’re going to have a set schedule on the day.

8:45 – Endurance races start
9:00 – cat 2/3 races start
10:30 – cat 1 races start
11:30 – cat 2/3 podiums and raffles
1:00 – cat 1/endurance podiums and raffles

In addition, we will be giving away all our swag to everyone equally. This means that you don’t get stuff for winning (unless you race pro) nor do you get stuff for losing. Here is how you get merchandise: you stay for the podiums & raffles. The following is what we will be giving away on Saturday.

Swag Giveaways

Stans No Tubes has been a huge supporter of the team and our races for years and this year is no exception. Stans has contributed 24 shirts of various sizes and 8 hats for us to give away, as well as a boat load of mini bottles of sealant.

What can you say about Halter’s Cycles that has not already been said? Jay has been a tremendous supporter of the team & site for as long as we can remember. Just 2 weeks ago he donated a Kickr Core for our last race raffle and this time around he is sending us an assorted bunch of things from the shop. Instead of a big ticket item, we’ll be giving away a wider array of items he is putting together for us.

In addition to being a supporter of MTBNJ, Jay singlehandedly keeps Six Mile amazing and runs point for the NICA Slick Six race held there every year.

We are getting some generous donations from the Shimano & Superfeet reps via the Halter’s shop. On-site we will be giving away some GU products as well as sunglasses. The big ticket items here will be some Superfeet insoles as well as 3, count them THREE pair of Shimano XC7 Mountain bike shoes.

Hilltop Bicycles has also jumped in to offer some as-yet-unnamed merchandise for the race. Stay tuned for more information!

Bikeway is new to the scene and has set up shop in the old Darkhorse Cycles building. They are offering day-of bike service in the shop (they do not have the manpower to bring people to the race) as well as some assorted items to giveaway. We want to extend a warm welcome to the folks at Bikeway for generously jumping in to help the cause.

Pops Bike Shop is a newcomer to the bike shop scene as well but Marc (the owner) has been around the block for years. Marc will be donating some clothing as well as gift certificates for us to give away. Located in Bound Brook, they are opening up a second location soon in Somerville. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Cycle Craft has been supporting the bike & race scene for as long as I have been around and they have generously jumped in with a donation of some hydration items as well as gift cards. Brendan and the gang are huge supporters of the bike scene and if you are in the area, you should definitely hit them up!

Black River Roasters does not actually sponsor us but they have amazing coffee and they should.

Who love you, baby? MTBNJ, that’s who! We’ll have some odds & ends to give away.

Electronic Timing

High tech, state-of-the art timing will be provided by Tom Mains. Your results will be mailed to you before I get home!

Really Tall Men

Admit it, it’s always good to hang out with the tall guy!

Last chance to register: