The NICA race at Chester: No children were included in the writing of this blog

´╗┐-by Norm Zurawski´╗┐ NICA has been a great vehicle for getting kids out of the house and on their bikes. As I’ve gotten more involved in this scene, I want to get even more involved. But as a boat needs water, a train needs rails, an airplane needs air, and the tires of your bike … Continue reading “The NICA race at Chester: No children were included in the writing of this blog”

Stewart PI Mousetrap – the MTBNJ Blurbs

Glenn Going in to this race and knowing the race course required a lot of consistent and almost constant power. My expectations were to just do better than the previous year.Finished 8th on the day 8 spots better than 2018. It was another “wet race” although it didn’t rain during the race the previous night’s … Continue reading “Stewart PI Mousetrap – the MTBNJ Blurbs”

Stewart from the Promoter’s Lens

With that, the 2019 MTBNJ race promotion season has ended. Despite summer being over a month away, our race promotion season is now 3 races down, and we’ll be winding down the rest of the year going to Kingdom Trails, doing group rides, enjoying the summer, and jumping into some mountain and/or cross races as … Continue reading “Stewart from the Promoter’s Lens”

Stewart PI Mousetrap: The Sales Pitch

The 2019 version of the Stewart Poison Ivy Mousetrap is coming down the mountain with rapid speed, and now is the time to take a good, hard look at what this race is all about. First and foremost, if you want to register you can do so here: If you need convincing, here is … Continue reading “Stewart PI Mousetrap: The Sales Pitch”

Iron Furnace – the MTBNJ Blurbs

This weekend was the MASS Endurance Race – The Iron Furnace at Wawayanda State Park.   It’s a badass race that’s overshadowed a bit by its bigger brother, the Bearsct 50.   But the Iron Furnce is still no walk in the park, because riding those wet roots and rocks is a challenge no matter what.   On … Continue reading “Iron Furnace – the MTBNJ Blurbs”

Mooch Madness from the Promoter’s Lens

Mooch Madness 2019 is in the books. If you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown, results, commentary, etc, this post is not it. This is a collection of pictures I took on race day, with 1 exception at the end which was taken by teammate Brian Ackerman. The rest of these are how I absorbed the … Continue reading “Mooch Madness from the Promoter’s Lens”