Where to buy crank protectors?


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Been hitting my crankset on rocks quite often lately, and i'd like to get a sleeve for the crank arms and the covers for the ends of the crank arms. There are quite a few options for sram cranksets, but i haven't seen one offered for Shimano (I have XT crank arms). Anyone knows of a source for these?


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RaceFace makes those plastic/silicone covers. They aren’t perfect on every crank, but do work on most. Worked fine on my SLX cranks.
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If you go on amazon and search for crank boots you'll get a number of different kinds. They will keep you crank ends looking nice but not really needed for alloy as Dingo noted.

Crankskins.com has clear crank protectors if you really want them. Again not really necessary for alloy. I had them on some carbon cranks and they lasted about two seasons before they started to peel off as a result of heel rub. New bike and carbon cranks this season and I didn't even bother with the clear protector.


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the other thing is that the roady side of me has already slapped on a powermeter on the crank (despite my subpar handling). So i'm hoping for the protector to dissipate impact so that electronics have less of a chance of getting damaged


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so I bought a pair of Race Face protectors, which claimed to be compatible with XT cranksets. Except the fit is not snug at all, and there is quite a bit of play. Is it supposed to be like this?


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Alloy cranks, what's the point? It doesn't matter.

I most likely would poke holes in the rubber thingy on the first ride.

I have crank arms that look way worse than this 'new' one.