What's happening this weekend 10/14-10/15-ish?

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    So, this weekend we have a treat...Friday the 13th...IN OCTOBER....oooh ooooh oooh aaaah aaaah aaaah. Ok, maybe I'm the only one who digs that...anyhoo, what are you all doing this weekend? Here are some things happening-let us know what we missed and what you're doing! I here Dick's is having a sale on hockey masks...





    Sunday: Schnecksville, PA https://www.bikereg.com/5th-annual-trexxxfest


    Saturday: New Milford, CT https://www.bikereg.com/cyclo-criss-cross

    Saturday: Cherry Hill, NJ https://www.bikereg.com/crcx

    Sunday: West Chester, PA


    Sterling Forest
    Almost any day...check the deets...Trail building in Sterling Forest has started up again.
    Multiple crews, Thursdays thru Mondays, all summer.
    To volunteer Thursdays-Mondays email geoff@nynjtc.org, if you want to get dirty on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, email emickelson@nynjtc.org.
    Th-M is new trail construction, T-W work will focus on tweaking and tuning the existing trail.


    Thursday 10/12******Tomorrow Night***********
    Kresson Trails
    September 28, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    Where: Kresson Trails, 1314 Kresson Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA (map)
    Description: Weekly group ride at Kresson Trails hosted by the JAR/Cherry Hill Area JORBA chapter. Meet in parking lot off of Kresson Road (near Springdale Road) in Cherry Hill. Helmet is mandatory.

    Saturday : Allaire http://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/jr-mtb-ride-allaire-oct-14-11am.43160/

    Recurring Weekly Rides:

    Mondays: http://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/funmondays-chimney-rock.36341/page-48#post-724536

    Tuesdays: http://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/...ial-back-to-basics-tuesdays-in-madison.42701/

    Wednesday: *****Tonight*******

    Thursdays: http://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/2017-thursday-nights-at-chimney-rock.42110/page-14#post-740788

    Thursdays: http://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/...ctice-thursdays-at-6-30-pm.42669/#post-740654


    Saturday: Glenmoore, PA https://www.bikereg.com/pd500-shake-off-the-hills-challenge

    Upcoming events:

    October 21st MTBNJ Group Ride Series at Chimney Rock being lead by @pooriggy ...stay tuned here http://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/2017-group-ride-series.42042/
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    Moe Mountain
    Not that anyone can participate in this foot race, it's closed now, it's just kinda cool. Put on by Ragnar at Wawayanda.
    It's run over two days and one night, yes, that's right, they run the trails at night too! Similar to Bearscat.

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  4. rottin'

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    Updated with Kids ride at Allaire...how'd I forget that?!? I should be docked some pay for that one;)
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    It's on Saturday
    No pay next week either
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    Madison, NJ
    Take a kid mountain biking day!
    Saturday October 14th

    Marty's Reliable Cycle of Randolph

    10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

    Presented by Marty's Reliable Cycle and JORBA and IMBA

    Guided Kid's Mountain Bike Rides (guardians must ride too)
    Helmets manditory
    Helpful mountain biking info/skills
    Trails located next to our Randolph shop
    Clif Bars and other items for the kids
    The ride is about 4 miles long and both the child and parent/guardian have to come on the ride.
    We will be doing an 'older kid' ride in Dickerson Mine Preserve after returning with 'younger kids' at Noon!
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  7. MadisonDan

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    Madison, NJ
    If you have a child in 6-12th grade that wants to get involved with NICA, "Try it out" rides are popping up as pre-season starts October 15th. Check out the league Facebook page.....
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    Morristown, NJ

    *** Notes about the Bike/Beer Ride:
    Make sure you have a backpack or panniers if you plan on buying anything to take home. Bring lights and reflective gear in case it's a long day.
    Also, there is often but not always a designated driver. Please arrange for a ride in case you consume too much. DON'T BE *THAT* GUY!


    We have some kick ass junior mountain bikers out there so this one's for them:

    Jr Beginner/Intermediate MTB Ride
    @ Allaire
    Sat. October 14 @ 11am

    see thread: http://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/jr-mtb-ride-allaire-oct-14-11am.43160/#post-747229

    Or Facebook:
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