what do you read?

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  1. gtluke

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    Two Bridges
    1.8x speed is the only way to go. Those damn audiobook readers talk slower than a southerner.
  2. jShort

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    Glen Gardner
    I prefer to not have a book read to me by a chipmunk. :)
  3. gtluke

    gtluke The Moped Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Two Bridges
    do you really read at 1.0 speed?
    start creeping it up. The voice pitch doesn't change, just their pace of reading does. It does autotune to their voice and mainly chops out redundant sounds and empty spaces. At 1.3 it's hardly noticeable. After 1.5 it starts to sound like they did a lot of coke.
    Try it, it lets you burn through books way faster. After an hour you'll never notice again. And if it goes back to 1.0 speed you'll start getting anxious from the slowness.
  4. gtluke

    gtluke The Moped Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Two Bridges
    I've been doing drywall so I've been burning through books.

    The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K Le Guine.
    This is the Berkely Leftist fountainhead. But they are too busy crying on facebook to actually read it.
    Dude gets stranded on the wrong side of a planet and the only person willing to help him escape by crossing a Siberia like snow continent is a non binary gender person.

    Jurassic Park - michael Crichton
    it's 99.7% exactly the same as the movie. It's a tad more gruesome but it's damn identical in every scene.

    The Stars My Destination. - Alfred Bester
    This was actually really interesting.
    Dudeman gets abandoned in space and potential rescuers choose to ignore him. He survives anyway but he's left with his entire face tattoo'd as the face of a tiger. This makes plotting his revenge odd, but then he has the tattoo removed. But it comes back when his blood pressure rises. So he has to enact his revenge while keeping cool through yoga practice or he'll be identified and people freak out.

    Gateway - Frederik Pohl
    We find this abandoned alien civilization on an asteroid. It contains hundreds of alien ships which work, but nobody can figure out really how to operate them. You can enter predetermined routes that the aliens had previously used and that's it. Nobody knows where they actually go through space time, but there is a decent chance you come back. If you bring back artifacts or new knowledge, you are greatly rewarded. But the chance of never returning is pretty large. How long do you play this russian roulette?
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  5. stilluf

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    Westfield NJ
    Re-reading Lord of the Rings for the hundredth time. Every time I read it, I get something new. Plus it is super-relaxing before sleep to escape to a fantasy land.
  6. ilnadi

    ilnadi Well-Known Member

    CLinton, NJ
    Not sure if it is on audio but based on that list you should try Three Body Problem.

  7. Currently reading Blue Labyrinth by Preston&Child. I like all of their books, at least the ones I managed to source so far.

    I am also curious how two men can write a book together.

    I came about them out of curiosity after reading the non-fictional The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston which I liked for many reasons, being familiar with both the subject and the exposing of bad police practices in Italy and specifically in Florence. I think I am going to try Trial by Fury (about Amanda Fox)by Preston as well, I guess I enjoy reading how badly our (Italian) justice system represents itself to the rest of the world.

    Speaking of fictional work I am also an avid reader of whatever these guys write (or wrote):

    - David Baldacci
    - John Grisham
    - Michael Connelly
    - Tom Cancy
    - Michael Crichton

    Will have to read Asimov again as I I went through pretty much all of his work in Italian and would like to get the original version.

    I'll spare you the Italian authors that I've been reading during my first 40 years.

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