What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

I don’t always have a beer mid-ride,
but when I do, it’s Other Half.
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Green City- their NYC resto Beer.
Wood buy cans, but keg distro only.

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Blue smoke is 👍🏼👍🏼

No luck with Roscoe. Poor trading. Got the short end of the stick

Just mehhh their staple Eagle. More Malty
And this other one must be too old. I think Jan which is not crazy old. But tastes like dirt.

Had to wash the bad taste with an amazing ALBINO SLUG. Thanks @J-Dro for saving the day

All pre-JuanCinco concert ;-)

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Funny, I was going to text you when I saw you were there.
For all my trips there over the years, Swish cans have eluded me.

And nice glass.
I’m just worked out that I was there that weekend after skiing in NH. Unfortunately I’m not sure when I’d be back home to deliver anyways.