What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

Starting the rando series in a few weeks and having delicious beers at home aren't helping with the training. Have a few of these mixed packs of Treehouse Green, Alter Ego and Bright, plus either Trillium Mettle or Dialed In. $20 for a 4pack, cash or PayPal, not interested in trades at the moment. PM me if want some.
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I’m on the same boat.

I have a few of those alter ego and Bright I can part with.

Can’t possibly drink all these beers and I have a few other single cans.

PM if interested and we can work a $$. Could trade , but has to be something really really new ...like this coming weekend OH releases o_O
And beer u said... got this (about 10 week old) Bolero snort popsicle....didn’t like. Maybe it’s the age. I think it has lactose and I gotta think lactose don’t age well.

Went to philly and stayed local with a cheesecake :p

And now watching LOS DIABLOS with some TH freshness.

Was a tough decision tonight #firstworldproblems !!! Yellow won!!!

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just officiated a track meet at Pingry. 40F or so, and windy. saw snow.
try timing a race with the hands shaking! i even missed a stopwatch reset, and missed a time (oh well.)

still shaking a bit, but this OH Dream in Green is hitting the spot. Many thanks to @jmanic for the goods.