What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?


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So @fidodie tipped my hand, but yeah, we killed the Mettle.

Tuezday with @jimmy was postponed this week because he is out on IR due to Ebola.
So pinch-hitting was @fidodie.

We started by doing some electrical in manspace.
I had an outlet that sounded like a bug zapper and was shooting out as many sparks.

Sadly it was the beer fridge circuit.
It was offline for a couple days, maybe I ran an extension cord to keep them on life support. I'm not proud.

Fidodie's suggestion: add a gfci.

My schematic:

I got it mostly right except when the 90 year old cloth bound wires started snapping. Then I just made shit up.
It mostly worked.
But mostly isn't good enough with something gonna burn down manspace.

Who's this guy?!?
(Beer was only for the picture, no beers until work was done. For him anyway)
Fidodie cleaning up my mess.

Final solution. No bug zapper.
Beer fridges back online.
People happy.

Then we did beers while solving the world's problems.


There was burgers too.
Thanks Pat!


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@jmanic , those old bx wires are scary, cloth sheathing and a half ass ground. That gfci looks safer, although you may have to hit reset frequently it's better then burning your house down.
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Yeah, I know, that stuff scares the crap out of me.
That bit is a short run of a switched outlet with a light load (Christmas lights), and is downstream from the gfci. Replacing that is on the to do list.