What Are You Eating Right Now?


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Damn...I just posted this to the beer thread, oh well, here it is again.
Cream of broccoli soup, fresh bread, salad Mixed baby greens tossed with sliced pears,walnuts, cranberries, and feta cheese. And of course, beer. Victory Vital IPA.

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holy crap - i didn't realize the #1 social anxiety was eating in front of other people.....

ate at wolfgangs last night. Ok, pop quiz - what is weird about the list at the bottom....hint, i wasn't in waikiki....

sorry no food pics, i just thought this was, er, uh, um,...odd.


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I was at student teaching fieldwork the other day and saw what school lunch looked like...it...it was fucked up...

if you have kids, wake up 3 minutes early and give them a brown bag.

It was literally yellow mush, brown mush, or redish-brown mush. my dogs' food has more discernible ingredients. no wonder the hall outside the bathrooms smells like people went to war with their assholes.