Wawayanda Down Trees - Intel? Crowd Sourcing Your Observations...


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We know there will be a ton of trees down at Wayway from the past two snow/wind storms plus the normal winter downfall. If you are out on the trails at Wawayanda and notice trees blocking the trails, please post up the following info so we can remediate ASAP:

1. Trail Name and any other close landmark (e.g. intersection, lake, bridge, etc)?
2. Does the situtation require a hand saw or power saw?
3. Post a photo if possible

Thanks in advance. We will be out doing inventory but your eyes and posts will help expedite the process!


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You can check my ride on Strava if you'd like: https://www.strava.com/activities/1452900674
Most of this ride is clear except what I show below and in the subsequent posts. There were some "face-slappers". I removed some by hand. Some others will spring back, once the snow melts.

This one is on Laurel Pond about 1/10th of a mile from the intersection with Cherry Ridge. The snowmobiles routed around it. Right near it there is another rather large tree perched high overhead. No pic, but you can see it in the distant background. That one does not interfere with the trail, but should get a look for safety issues.

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This is on Cherry Ridge about 1/2 way between lower White Dot and Timber. You can ride under/around it, but its hanging in the middle of the trail. The break is up pretty high. It might be able to be cut off lower and the rest would at least dangle "off-trail".


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^ I 100% agree with this. I was actually surprised that the sleds had not gone some places yet since latest storm. For example, there are usually tracks going out Double Pond from the furnace. None yet as of yesterday. Similarly, when I reached the south end of Terrace Pond, the sleds only went right. None to the left on Cherry Ridge yet.