Watchung Reservation MTB Access - This Is It!!

Discussion in 'Advocacy & Access' started by stilluf, May 5, 2017.

  1. stilluf

    stilluf Well-Known Member

    Westfield NJ
    I'm deeply disappointed in the results. But we will be back.

    Also, we were reminded last night that the people who make the decisions (i.e. freeholder Bergen) can and do read these pages. Our negative public statements on the internet (and posting about illegal rides on Strava) hurt us. Criticism is your right (and in this case it's totally deserving), but personal attacks or threats do nothing but make us all look bad.
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  2. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Well-Known Member

    I hope they DO read this. The volunteer hours I had a planned to spend at the reservation WILL now be spent on (split between) their opponents campaigns.

    Have a nice day.
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  3. C8N

    C8N Well-Known Member

    Vote them out I say!
  4. Piston Honda

    Piston Honda Member

    Good point. Getting local businesses involved (besides LBS) might be a good idea.
  5. thegock

    thegock Well-Known Member

    Word on the street is that there will be more police patrols in the Watchung Reservation this weekend. I will post what I see, because I am nearby and hike there frequently.

    It is a shame that the Union County police don't focus on the big problems, like, say terrorism or violent felonies.
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  6. thegock

    thegock Well-Known Member

    Not very practical. Union County is about as solid a Democratic machine county as you can get. I wouldn't be shocked if someone told me that Ray Lesniak just "appoints" each Freeholder.
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  7. thegock

    thegock Well-Known Member

    I can still hate on fat bikes doe, right?
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  8. icebiker

    icebiker JORBA: Morris Trails JORBA.ORG

    These are the same people that will sue the county because they tripped on a sidewalk crack and stubbed their toe because they weren't paying attention.
    This technique has worked before. The bike lanes we now have in Morristown are in large part due to the consciousness cyclists raised by holding 3o minute peaceful critical mass rides through the town once a month on a Friday several years ago We had all manner of folks show up, including kids. In winter we rode with lights. After each ride, people went out in town to have dinner, reinforcing he notion that cycling is not only a family pursuit but can build strength in the health of community businesses. Motorists griped a bit in the beginning, and the mayor was initially non-plussed, but thanks to Marty, he was invited on the rides and became a believer. Now, on any given weekend day cyclists gather at several establishments for post ride coffees, ice creams, etc. Riders at Lewis Morris, too, have long been known to stop off for dinner and drinks in town after an evening ride. Bikes on the roof show local businesses that we are contributing to the local economy.
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  9. kidzach

    kidzach Active Member

    Let's seriously do this !
  10. Mountain Bike Mike

    Mountain Bike Mike Well-Known Member

    Battle / War cliche

    I get the loss is going to take some time to get over and this recent battle is over and we lossed and it sucks... No need to dwell on it...

    Instead, use the momentum of this group to take a different approach.

    Clearly the decision makers do not understand what it means to be a mountain biker and what a positive community it really is.

    What other ways can we help them understand? The Morristown examples are excellent examples to apply here.

    As I stated earlier... $$$$... community partnership.

    Usually Listening to those who object will give you the answer. Why did they object and how can this community overcome that challenge?
  11. Shorepoints

    Shorepoints Well-Known Member

    We are looking hard at our current situation. One of the positive outcomes of this is we now know exactly where the Freeholders stand and what are the pain points with both the Freeholders (Bergen, Carter, Kowalski, Granados, Wright, Jalloh) and the opposition. We also are recognized as a serious, permanent stakeholder in the County. Make no mistake that the freeholders against MTB in the Reservation made it clear that they were not against MTB outright in Union County, but simply weren't comfortable with it at Watchung Reservation at this time. We are already investigating alternative venues and this may be the way forward.
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  12. rick81721

    rick81721 Well-Known Member

    Occupy Watchung!
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  13. MadisonDan

    MadisonDan Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Madison, NJ
    The chocolate croissants at Swiss Chalet are freakin amazing.... Every calorie burned off on a ride is immediately replaced (and then some)
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  14. icebiker

    icebiker JORBA: Morris Trails JORBA.ORG

    Exactly, this was my point earlier. We have yet to hear a valid reason why they voted it down. If we know the reason (hopefully a valid one) we can work to figure out a new approach.
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  15. qclabrat

    qclabrat Well-Known Member

    can someone post the names and emails of the FH who voted out the trails?
    I'm going to write them an email each time I tell a Union County small business that they have lost my business and why.
    I may have no clout but the chamber of commerce each town sure would.
    Mr. Bergen is now one of my least liked people in the world...
  16. qclabrat

    qclabrat Well-Known Member

    I think in the end this chalks up to respect. It's now clear the FHs feel the opposition is more important to keep happy. Being a minority growing up in Union county in the 80s, I at times felt like a second class citizen. I feel terrible that anyone else has to feel than way....
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  17. thegock

    thegock Well-Known Member

    I like Bruce Bergen.

    Votes for oppression:

    Bergen, Granados, Carter, Wright, Kowalski

    (MTB get no play from the ladies/aka who's that freeholder...?)

    Jalloh, who is a JD from Rutgers Newark, abstained, because he "did not yet have enough information". Sergio had told me after one meeting that the trails were going forward, but appears to have a change in heart.

    My impression is that the FH have approved the MTB access twice in the last year and rejected it last night.

    BLUE HERON ECHO BDU IMG_20170212_145514.jpg Why can't the children of NICA have a place to ride their bikes?

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  18. w_b

    w_b Well-Known Member

    central jersey
    Red f'in bucket Mr Bergen dats all ize gon say

    Your time is limmitedd
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  19. icebiker

    icebiker JORBA: Morris Trails JORBA.ORG

    Bike-cott? ;)
  20. TheLonerider

    TheLonerider Well-Known Member

    New Joisey
    So will CME give the $ back or is the county facilitating theft now?
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