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    Thanks for supporting and trying to educate. This notion that b/c the word "reservation" is in the name means nothing should ever be developed is belied by the amount of development: trailside center, stables, extensive hiking and horse trails, deserted village, soccer fields, etc. It really is a red herring.
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    "A red herring" is the truth. The reservation saw extensive human interference going back hundreds of years. That said, to nitpick the term, the "reservation" is part of the "county park system" hence it is administered as a park. If u want it to be just a nature preserve then take it out of the park system (and funding). Wanna have new taxes to fund a new entity just to administer it as separate than the parks? Nope, didn't think so!
    And if you find bikes disruptive what about recreational hiking and trail running? I wouldn't argue against "athletic" or "recreational" vs. "nature preserving" activities if I was a mt. bike opponent. That guy running at 9mph is probably faster than I am on my singlespeed lol. Split enough hairs, you go bald.

    The place is big enough for all of us if you are big enough to share.
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    I was going to post a reply in line with this but didn't want to get into an online war. I think people like this will never be convinced regardless of facts
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    Probably the case. They are grasping at straws to defend the status quo because they like "the way things are" without ever having asked themselves, is there really a reason things should be this way?

    But many thanks for at least putting the ideas out there for 'em.

    No reason responsible riding and other activites can't share like most everywhere else in NJ.

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    If there was truth to how the county uses the word "Reservation", the place would not allow anyone to distrupt the trees, birds, & wildlife. Therefore, it would be reserved from ALL types of use including hiking, horse back riding, buildings, barbecues, you name it. However, it is far from reserved.

    And if trails cause the tree roots to die and then the tree, what difference does it make who's on the trail when it's the trail the is the problem. Either way, move the trail and save the tree roots.

    I've seen with my own eyes the disrespect people have for nature. It doesn't matter your mode of transportation. And if you want to respect nature, then you would be willing to take efforts to do so by removing the pollution from the air. How about allowing people to get around on non-polluting bikes? Practice what you preach...

    Bicycles are one of the greatest modes of transport and the most underutilized. Imagine if we had the infrastructure to support them safely. Imagine having 30-50% less traffic. Imagine having more time to yourself. Imagine feeling less stressed. Imagine being able to get your daily dose of exercise without going to the gym. Shall I keep going?

    Wake up and see the big picture not the little bubble you live in.
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    Exactly. They would have to tear down the horsey bubble and stables, remove the loop playground, Trailside Nature and Science Center and all of the parking lots and other structures.

    The maturity level of some of the opposition is:

    "It's my toy and I don't want to share it!"

    We have to be the adults.
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    It's available for your viewing pleasure.
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    March 7 does not show on the link.
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    It's the March 9th that is the most recent. Here's the link to that meeting...
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    I was reading about the history of Union County Parks earlier today, and came across this gem from 92 years ago. Note especially the text I have enhanced in RED:


    The foundation for a park system was set and by 1925 three segments were the Commissions center of joy- (1) Warinanco Park was the "city park" at walking distance to the County's most populated city, Elizabeth, then (2) Cedar Brook Park which literally rose from the swamps into rolling green lawns, flowing stream, a lake and variety of walks and paths- and lastly, what the Commission viewed as its crown jewel of the system, the Watchung Reservation. Each showcased the varied types of reserved land that the Commissioners knew were needed in a county rising in population and recreational needs.

    The Commission comprised of the men pictured at the top of this page. (left to right) Henry S. Chatfield, Charles A. Reed, Caxton Brown, Charles Hansel, and Arthur R. Wendell were outspoken on its goal and guided by the following principal:

    "The plan of any County Park System should be based on the principal that such system would benefit the whole population of the county, that it should be convenient and easily accessible to the large centers of population and that above all else, it should take over and preserve for park purposes land adoptable for parks before it is utilized for residences, factories or other purposes.”
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    That stuff only applied back then. It's clear that those words are rather meaningless today.

    Funny thing is if you read the history of the Union County Parks Commission you can see a similar message in the last sentence :
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    Thanks, was looking to watch the 3/7 meeting at the reservation video.

    I did watch the entire 3/9/17 video. I'm at a loss for words. Was it me, or the only ones that make sense are the mtb's ?

    Mostly just folks that don't want anything in their back yard that is public open space. Guess the realtor that sold them the property did not explain how that works.
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    I watched the entire "MTB" part, which was almost two hours. Some of the opposition seemed to be unhinged. Not even just Ned, who gets tossed by Bruce Bergin beginning about 50:30 and climaxing around the 51:20. Someone smarter than me should GIF that.

    I liked Glenn @ 1:36 regarding small business and 1:37 regarding the opposition being surprised ("I didn't know we had homework"-you know that guy), because they were not paying attention to an issue that was in the Sunday Star Ledger three years ago and regarding which I personally have attended six meetings where it was discussed.

    FH Estrada shot down the NIMBY stuff @ 2:07:40 and the "hordes of MTB" concern @ 2:09:40. Also, @ 2:11 on buffer zones and shortly thereafter on physical access.

    Meanwhile, there is that indoor riding rink, sitting there for the tiny moneyed minority of horse users as the bulk of a $2.3 million contract:

    But a kid can't ride a bike there...incredible.
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    Union County Freeholder Meeting
    Thursday March 23 7 PM · 10 Elizabethtown Plz, Elizabeth, NJ 07202-3451

    I don't know if the Master Plan with the new MTB trails will be discussed at this meeting, but I am going to go to share my thoughts with the Freeholders during the public comments section of the meeting.

    @Shorepoints Should we be attending this meeting?
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    Make sure you remind them of the history as previously posted. They may have forgotten and need a refresh.

    Wish I could go and remind them myself...

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