want to go to Allamuchy

Discussion in 'Allamuchy: North' started by Pklimovich, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Pklimovich

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    Never been to Allamuchy yet any suggestions on where to start like a address or location. Want to try going the beginning of november
  2. adogg

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    Metuchen, NJ
  3. ReggieHammond

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    The best way to enjoy this place is to have someone show you around; ideal trails in ideal directions, etc. If not, I would strongly recommend uploading someone's garmin file. Too many unmarked options to get one turned around.

    There are three typical spots to start from; 1) Tranquility Side off Rt. 517; 2) Sussex Branch off Waterloo Road & Continental Drive; or 3) The Park n' Ride lot in front of Cranberry Lake off Rt. 206.
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