(Update: SOLD) VW Golf GTI MKV Parts

Edit: SOLD. Everything in this listing has been sold. Thanks for the interest.

So I wound up in a rather unfortunate hit and run up in Massachusetts (I-90!) which totaled my MKV GTI. I have quite a few parts in my garage that were waiting to go on the car, so posting these on the off chance that anyone needs them. I can provide pictures of the actual parts upon request but they're all new, never installed. I'll likely post these on Ebay or one of the VW forums if nobody local is interested.

-ECS Tuning 23mm rear sway bar
-Stop Tech Rear Slotted Rotors (282x12)
-Hawk HPS 5.0 rear pads
-Sway bar end links
-SKF rear wheel bearing (only have one)
-Other assorted fasteners, anti-rattle clips, rubber boots etc for the brakes and sway bar as well as other random small parts for the car
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