Trail map?


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There was a meeting the other note to try and map some routes and start looking into marking trails and signs.
Bridge over stream

I normally start this ride from the parking lot on the eastern side of Ceres, not the lot by the golf course. With my bike I'll go across the stream because I don't mind getting wet and dirty and it's also part of my loop.
I'd like to take my wife here for a little day hike. She doesn't ride, but I want to show her where I go. Is there a bridge anywhere? I've seen one built recently, but it disappeared shortly there after. I know it's public land and the town/county/state/whatever doesn't want bridges being built due to lawsuits, but is there a way to get across that doesn't involve getting your shoes too wet?
Rode today, conditions were outstanding. The bypass near the old narrow bridge was built superbly and makes for a safer crossing. One of the many things I like about Ceres are the options and versatile trails. The hour plus travel for me is well worth it, and the specific trails groomed have made it even more enjoyable in that you are directed to the most continuous loops!


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Glad to hear that. Really looking forward to the installation of the new big bridge across the stream. Just waiting for state approval now.