TLD 2017. Who's in?

The Longest Day. I will be doing this again this year. Some time between the weekend after bearscat and the end of June. Last year was 216 miles in just under 13 hours with an awful detour. This year I plan to be more comfortable(seat and shoe pain lead to hand pain) and do the entire route and then head back to my house in Hazlet. I may end up at 209 or 350. My body will let me know. This is a "fun" ride in my mind as it's a great mental test and you see the entire state from mountains to pine barrons. Central Jersey Bike usually hosts but I haven't seen a date yet. @jimvreeland @Riggedfmx @xc62701 ? Too soon?
I've wanted to do this for some time, but it just hasn't been in the cards due to injury. I'll see if I'm ready in June, may think about joining for first half and plan to peel off mid way and go home if that's what seems like the right thing to do.
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Lol...true. But I won't just be doing the longest day. Cape may...nah. I want to time it so I can hit the ferry to Lewes DE and end my longest day at the Dogfish Head Brewery. That's the way to cap off the ride.
How much further would that be? Sounds interesting. What is tour longest straight through ride?
I think my longest is 110 miles. I have ridden 20 of 24 hours at Allamuchy for a few events. I have a feeling the pine barrens will suck as much as the second half of a 24 hour race.
They do. I did it without headphones. Lol. It's physically not a tough ride. Comfort was the most difficult part. Some minor cramping.