Tire Recommendation for DH and Trail combo

I'm at the point where my ardents are needing to be replaced.

I have seen a few videos on different setups and was curious if you support this decision.

I have a 29er enduro, and i like to trail ride, as well as take it up to the creek, or thunder.

I'm thinking Agressor on the rear, and a Minion DHF on the front.

What do you guys think?


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I run DHF/Aggressor and they are a ton better than Ardents. I don't do Gravity but like to hit Ringwood and they do a great job. I would have done DHR, but couldn't find it in wide trail at the time. Really happy with the Aggressor and will probably stay that way.


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interested to see how they compare to the Ardents when on the XC trails, please report back
As you would expect, I made the change earlier this year and there is a lot more rolling resistance so going up fire roads you can really feel it but when it comes to technical climbs it is nice to have the additional traction as my ardents couldn't grip a thing. Coming back down it is incredible how much better they grip in the turns and on the rock faces

The first spot I rode after taking my Ardent's off was LewMo and boy that park is made for Ardent's so I kinda missed them, but since I don't regret changing.