Thursday Nights at Chimney Rock

All this bickering aside O really do, like @Mountain Bike Mike said, enjoy and look up to these guys for training. I am pretty stressed at the moment and should take a break but this is my break from the stress so...honestly I think I enjoy the training more than the racing as guys I once raced and enjoyed racing stepped in different directions. Hopefully tonight is a good ride like we have had many times in the past. I enjoy riding with all you guys... @jShort , @pooriggy , @BrianGT3 , @mbruno , @Mountain Bike Mike etc...maybe I just suck at keyboarding like @pooriggy sucks at keeping air in his tires? Hoo nose...
Hill climb showdowns. Whatever isn't resolved today will be continued on Sunday
MBM v JShort Deflection attempt.... Did you see Brian’s lap times at Sizzler? If I recall a couple years ago Brian was struggling to hold on to Jeremy at CR and his lap times at the last race were faster...

I think Brian v Jeremy is where the action is... I’d put $5 on Brian tonight. i got nothing for these guys.
Does anyone remember the sound of @soulchild 's soul breaking when @Mountain Bike Mike showed up and smoked him on the climbs? I heard the break 30 miles awhile. Pretty sure that was the end of competitive Lou before he went into witness protection.
All I remember from that was how many god damn chains I dropped and had to murder myself to not get dropped and then gettinf lost on red and had to cut through a neighborhood while Pearl and Utah constructed a search party.

RIP - Lou.. i think the real reason Lou quit was when he hammered his head in to a rock at Waway that year.