Thursday Nights at Chimney Rock

As if now I am in. I will know for sure tomorrow. If wife decides not to go to a concert friday night then I will race granogue but if she does go to the concert I’ll be doing cr and kittatinny. Will this be like the old rides you speak of where it hurts? I shouldn’t talk, I’m fat and will suffer.
The question is...does @pooriggy make ss great again?
Fixed that for you.

Don't act like you don't remember getting flung off the back Dave. Like Thursday night rides at chimney Rock being hard rides are an exaggeration.
Take some melatonin tonight, we don't want any excuses tomorrow.
And I remember getting dropped very well...why I am a better rider today because I rode with guys out of my league. Exactly why I got better racing open this year...because I raced guys out of my league...if you follow you will become...