Thursday Nights at Chimney Rock

I arrived a couple minutes after 5 and missed the start so they swung back around to pick me up at 5:15

We cruised over to white and I was last in the conga line and i’m behind Steve. A couple minutes in to the trail, a stick jumped in to my front wheel and sent me over the bars. I collect it back up and pin it to catch back up - talk about a warm up.

Iggy took us through some new trails and then set a crazy hard pace out to High tech. Then Jeremy took over and murdered us up high tech where Tony struggled with traction a bit due to singlespeed and let Me and Steve by.

Jeremy led us back down his usual route and murdered us again up granola. Jeremy was leading then Steve then me and iggy was up my ass. Towards the top of granola I was pushing so hard to hang on to Steve’s wheel and hearing Iggy on my wheel, I got a severe bad feeling in my gut similar to when you get diarhea... I was like “oh man, if I push any harder, I may have a major problem”. Thankfully it passed as soon as I let off the gas on the next descent.

Then Jeremy led us up another climb which didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the first three and then we pinned it down butter milk falls which is such an awesome trail... then back up the switchbacks where we lost sight with Iggy... (See Iggy’s Stans facial story) we waited for a bit until Jeremy called Iggy and we found our he flatted.

From there we worked our way back to the lot and finished with a easy clockwise loop of blue.

This was a good validation ride for me.. After 6 months of getting my fitness back up by riding by myself, mostly in the dark winter mornings before work, it was a good feeling to know I am able to hang at this point in the season.

I need to get there a little earlier to get the full 1:30 - 2 hours to get the true workout benefits of this ride.


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Wow, roll call started on Monday for the Thursday night ride. I can't make this week, I'm heading to mooch Thursday morning to help mark course.
Hopefully CR dries out, yesterday's rains were torrential.