Thread locker on b screw?


aka sptimmy43
I have a Shimano SLX 11 speed rear derailleur. I have had to tighten the b screw every 5 or 6 rides as it backs out slowly on it's own. I notice this when the guide pulleys interfere with the second largest cog on the cassette. Is there a reason I shouldn't put thread locker on it and just be done with it?

Karate Monkey

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Your pulley is too close to the cassette if the wheel is hitting. Give it another turn or so.

But yes, you can use loctite if you really want. Or you could swipe some grease on it and roll it around on the floor/drop it in the dirt.

I use beeswax on my things that I actually want to be able to adjust. [blue] Loctite is for installs, IMO. Use purple if you are going to put it on an adjustment screw.