Things that make you frown :(


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Went to quick check to fill up a tire, since they have 2 pumps. Pull up and see this. Saw a handicap placard, so maybe he was handicapped in the brain. Yes, my camera is dirty, my phone told me. If it's not clear, this Cadillac parked between the 2 spots. Taking up both pumps 20181106_140702.jpg


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the horrible sounds my blower started making today while cleaning up leaves, had to stop numerous times to richen the fuel mixture.

metal on metal scraping sounds makes me think the blower is toast . . . :(


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Stepped in shit today. As I sat on a rock digging it out with a stick, a guy approached and asked "what happened"?
I said I stepped in shit. He said that's good luck I hear. I said, yeah, that's right. I looked at his pittbull and said, it wasn't you, was it?



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Listen Middleton dinner, a patty melt is burger, fried onions, swiss cheese on rye. It isn't burger, fried onions, american cheese on rye. That's what it is, swiss fricken cheese. Then saying you put American cheese on the menu is a cop-out. I know this is the owners decision, but it's a crappy one. This is like a cali burger not having tomatoes. Judging by the cashier response I'm not the 1st one to mention this travesty of justice. This made me sad. On a good note the Cole slaw was amazing.