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Strava northport + mustang

Interesting ride today on the usually not much happening northport loop. First, for the avid followers of the Neal and Bob hijinks (@stb222, @RobW and @thegock), I ran into Bob about 9 miles into my ride - he was just finishing up. Said his legs were toast from yesterday's Bataan deathmarch on the soft rocks - mine weren't so fresh either. Bob says hi!

Anywho, at mile 11, a bright blue 67/68 mustang passes me. At mile 17 on Toledo Blade heading north, he passes me again, then turns ahead. I follow him - it's a dead end road - he was checking his motor temp. Ended up talking with the guy for 15 minutes (well he did most of the talking - car guys love to talk about their cars). He just finished restoring it - stock body with a Shelby hood, different mirrors, rebuilt 302, 4 sp toploader replaced the original auto. Sounded great - he did a nice peel out for me.





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Bonus :20 rain
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Always peeps asking me how are conditions which kind cheeses me off go ride and find out mfers fair weather riders meh, but still I feel obligated so I ride the Singletrack that I did hit is sketchy and all connexting roads and quad paths are either covered in ice or peanut butter it's tough out there I'll be on the road tomorrow