The Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ


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Those bottles better be filled if youre staying there lol @JimN
Lol, the name of the place on airbnb is "Beervana" and dudeman said he's happy to share the beers he has on tap with guests. I like it when people make it easy to decide on an airbnb, I usually have too many choices.


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I was just speaking with the sanitation manager here at work. apparently there is a phantom pooper, pooping in the womens bathroom in the offices upstairs.... now, this is not the first time finding poop NOT in the toilet.. last year there was someone pooping in the parking lot. this year, there has been three different occasions of poop NOT in a stall or toilet. today, the sanitation crew was asked to clean the womens bathroom and they found poop smeared on two bathroom stall walls.... sorry no pics.