The Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ


Master of the Metaphor
My obnoxiously loud talking coworker’s vocal diarrhea finally pushed me over the edge.

Lunchtime today consisted of a trip to Best Buy for some over the ear noise canceling headphones.

Having exhausted my backlog of pod casts (hint, hint) I turned to letting my iPhone choose what I listen to. Fist song, “Talk’n Baseball”. Interesting, I don’t think I’ve listened to that in like a couple years.

Well, it’s sunny out now and warming up to like 70 tomorrow... I was thinking about pitchers and catchers...huh, weird.

Next song up....


Ok, maybe Luke’s right about this conspiracy stuff. :)
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Master of the Metaphor
Why an I getting the image of @Mitch going around to every local shelter inquiring about their “top mousers”. When asked why, he replies “uh, making a film project....yeah, film project. It’s a documentary”.:rolleyes:;)