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My daily routine was like this..

Woke up at 230am
Couldn’t go back to sleep,while my wife preparing to leave for work
Before she leaves, she fed jack then she prepared my breakfast
330am wife went to work
Me.,,still in bed (surfing the net)
Then I got tired and go back to sleep
Until 930am or latter..
Then ate the Apple and Almond Juice that my wife prepare earlier placed near the bed so I don’t need to get off from bed

At midday
I start my Physical therapy (no,,I don’t hire PT can’t afford it) I watch YouTube how to do PT at home

I feel so much better mentally (not so sad anymore)

Tho my foot still stiff and swollen
(See pictures below the difference color of my left foot and my right foot., right foot is the bad one)

Pain has subsided
Only sometimes feels a little discomfort
But, not intensely
Foot warm to touch also feeling kinda hot
It’s in healing process I suppose
And I didn’t see any sign of infection (hopefully no internal infection too)

The wounds almost 90% heal

Mobility still sluggish

Once the muscles and tendons regain the strength and elasticity I will walking more,
I can only put my weight around 50% on the right foot

Schedule back to hospital again next month
Get X-ray to see if the bones heal or not.

No,, she not allowed to “Hop” me just yet!😁
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1st place
In New York City
At Highbridge MTB park trail,Harlem NY
Only three entrant in my class
Those are Stem Cap

Dark horse 40
7th annual bike race in Stewart state park,NY
2nd place podium
Brutal heat and awesome fast course
Singlespeed class 34x18 gearing
(Before Stava Era)
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Anterior aschemia

Prior to my leg surgery the team doctors testing my ECG
Test was done three time with same result wich draws some concern it is so unusual in my case, I had irregular heart beat, sometimes it even stopped at some point...weird huh?
I told them I had this symptoms since I was younger in my 20ish until recently even when I’m typing this post..

So,they run another advance test wich is called ECHOCARDIOGRAM or short as ECHO
Wich is similar to Ultrasound for pregnancy
Except this is for Heart

When the result was out
They just told me that., nothing is wrong I just happened to have strong and healthy heart from my long and regular biking or excercise that I did through out my whole life

So., they finally decided to go ahead and have me operate/surgery on schedule
They did postpone a day before schedule the next day,that because of my irregular heart beat
I made sure I’m strong and healthy heart

So, when I regain my conscious from anasthesia
Vaguely recall I was in a hall answering nurses questions and my answer is somewhat mumbled or not fully aware but I did answers with correct
And no side effects either such as vomiting or nausea like most patient,they did gave pill for that but I didn’t take it

It was about 5+hours long surgery time
And I made it out alive.


I suppose to go back tomorrow for another X-ray
Current conditions all is good
All surgery cuts has heal nicely but leg still a bit swollen
Also I can walk longer, one block building without walker
But felt weird afterwards so I suppose Bone not heal just yet
Will found out once I go back X-ray


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Dis morning at 6am me and wife took Uber destination is Hospital in Fort Washington traffic was light and moving smoothly arrived before 7am
The Orthopedic will open at 8am so we waited
Finally we were able to see Doctor by 8:35am an hour earlier from my appointment schedule wich is very nice, this Doctor was the first one treated my Broken leg when I first time arrived at Emergency room super nice guy and my wife think he is very nice and handsome she have a crush with these young Doctor,so when all my business with him was done I asking permission to take photos with her and told him that my wife have a crush with him
Off course he obliged such a gentleman
Meanwhile her colleague all smiled and surprised by my action in front of lot of folks in that waiting room
Well, I did it to makes my wife happy and tease her a bit,...

So,the conclusion is all my Bones is Healed as its supposed to be like most normal patients do
However in my case was a bit different,since I’m not a teenager or young (this years I’ll be 48) good thing is my fitness and body in such great shape so it’s help the healing whole lot faster
I also eat right and most importantly I stay completely away from sugary diets solid and liquid
It’s also I don’t have diabetes
So,grateful and thankful to God
Now the next step is doing my own PT at home
He teaches me some move and suggestions
I also watched YT to learn few things about PT

The leg still swollen if I wal for long period of times (over 30minutes) and still felt stiffness around the ankle,these all are normal
So,I’m very Happy with the result

Another 2-3 month I should be able to ride again
And will be back for another X-ray in next two month...

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