the journey of the boar in years 2013 - ......


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Todays is marking the first day of my biking activities.this thread will be serve as my archives of rides report,racing,bike ride journey,anecdot,pictures,etc etc etc
mind you,this ain't no training thread tho...

59 mile

"if you share your burden with others you feel a little lighter,if you share happiness with others you fell heavy with joy" liong


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Great Idea! I'm glad you're doing this and I'm looking forward to your stories and sharing the happiness.


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Good that you got in one more long ride, Liong, before the world ends tomorrow.

Anyone know what time that might be for the East Coast?


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before it ended..

much obliged folks!!

around 12:30 pm in livingston about half mile before route 10.there's a sign read "UTILITY WORK" so..the traficts a little bit bottle necking for about quarter mile, lots of police cars parked either side of the roads in eisenhower parkway.but,..alas soon i found out (and also all others motoris) there was no "UTILITY WORK" instead they were setting up checkpoint.
so,.the motorist get tricked into believing there is some utility work.
i saw dozen of cars get pulled over prob for talking on cell or no seatbelt or any others violation. i can understand this,really...x-mas is around the corner everybody need a little bonus:D
but,..put a false sign is very tricky and very smart too!:)

even tommorow world gonna end i still riding my bike!

44 miles

"thing that we see on the surface,doesn't always what it seem to be" liong

my new fancy dancing shoes just arrived in halters,gonna ride there and pick it up.oh,man i can't sleep tonite.


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mtb ride on road.

rode from chinatown right after finishing making deliveries.this is my regular commute activity on every saturday.quite windy today and only a handfull cyclist on west side greenway.
beforemheading up times square.i stop by at skatepark (right under manhattan bridge) in allen st/monroe st..ride a few run and try out some trick
wich i'm not very skillfull at.but,.it was fun mostly teenager,during the summer this small skate park was packed.

times square,.always full of tourist no matter what days or weather is.
but,.todays and next couple days will even crowded.saw a lot cartoon caracter there and folks taking pics with them little kids and young and old (prepare to tipping them tho)

30 mile

"life is unpredictable and easily got lost,so let fate takes its own course" (not my word)


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Wow! Beutifull photos!

That bridge looks like the bridge from that scene in The Sopranos, in which Mikey Palmice and Joe Marino throw the drug dealer off of.


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thank you guys!

arwen mom's you're correct,wee tinny forest it is.i should have place some small toys animal on it.

the "long exposure" shot,is quite crisp but not exactly sharp.
the light in that location was too bright and i didn't bring the filter.

that's great falls, caper! in downtown paterson.i think you might be right.
i heard a rumor that on of sopranos episode was shot there.(i might be wrong)

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Im almost sure we passed you today in six mile. 2 cannondales with lefties. There were only 2 other people out beside us. The bike in the pic looks the same.

Awesome pics too.