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I've been (slowly) working on a new kitchen drawer box for the silverware. The current 30+ year old particle board box is falling apart so it needs to be retired.

Drawer boxes are fairly simple, and I'm not doing anything crazy to complicate it. 1/2 ply with rabbet joints, 1/4 plywood bottom sitting in a groove, and the existing false front will get screwed to the new box.

I have a good miter saw, a good router ( no table), POS table saw and POS circular saw. Ideally I would have a nice table saw and a dado set to bang all of this out, but alas I do not.

Ripping the drawer panels was easy enough, and 2 passes later the groove for the bottom was cut. Some quick cuts on the miter saw and the 4 sides were set.

The table saw miter gauge is missing, so that was not an option for cutting the rabbets. I opted to use a 1/2 inch top bearing router bit. I glued up a 1" thick guide for it then ran it through the table saw to get one clean edge.

Ripping the router guide. I gave up on the table saw fence and used my trusty circular saw guide

Getting the rabbet setup correct with some scrap pieces
IMG_20190217_120740.jpg IMG_20190217_123344.jpg

Dry fitting the pieces

Still need to sand everything before I glue it up. Still trying to decide if I want to tack in some brads too. Also undecided if I will try to round the top edges


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put a new ceiling fan in the last bedroom (the only one without at this point, well not anymore) this quick install turned into a catastrophe . . . . the metal box present in the ceiling from the old light was rusty and the screws wouldnt come out. Had to cut open the floor in the attic (thank god the attic was above) replace the box, enlarge the hole for the box, move wires put the floor back together and get longer screws to hold the fan on because the previous owner 'fixed' the plaster ceiling by putting 3/4 drywall up over it to hide the cracks.

1hr job turned into 3.5 and 2 extra trips to the local home improvement store . . . . :/ no pics im too busy drinking my well earned beer!

this does bring to light why i need a battery powered sawzall . . . . anyone have a lead on a dewalt 20v max compact??? (i want to stick with the batteries i already have thanks)


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This has me (probably naively) thinking I can make my own kitchen cabinets when the time comes. Would be a good excuse to buy some more tools at least 😁
You can make boxes and buy the doors and drawer fronts. Or make more money working a second job in your field, so there is that.
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@rick81721 that's still like 100degrees?

Swapped my first toilet every over the weekend. Thanks for the rec. Used the fluidmaster universal kit that went right over the brass plumbing plate that was 1/4" AFF. Difficulty 2 stars. $40 all in. out of box new toilet. That's how we roll!
Maybe in the summer. Yesterday i did before measurements: 3pm (our doors face south) doors were 98F, near the doors 91F, furthest away from the doors 88F.