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Good question.
Local artisans.
A couple of good beers, and a price point similar to wine. better than a dozen cheap beers, that have to be ice cold. is a calorie saver?
East coast vs west coast thing. I wouldn't understand.

i should be assembling a concrete saw, and repairing a sanding wand attachment - yes, even tho it is noon on friday, i am not drinking. yet.


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To me the whole "craft brew" thing is like the second coming of the "micro-brew" trend of the 90s's. At the time I remember reading about how it was the re-birth of American beer making. It will be interesting to see how long this current trend lasts (a while I hope because I have been liking it!).


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I am getting tired of all this good beer. I have a great beer like 5 times a week to the point where I'm starting to not appreciate them way I should. As we speak @pooriggy is on his way with my @soundz delivery. mo beer.
^this me!
I usually drink the great beers every 3 days, anymore than that I feel I'm not appreciating what I got enough
Kind of like dating Alba and Johansson at the same time while still being married, got go home some time....

Btw: heading to Carton and Kane at the moment to stock up!


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My snobbery has reached all time levels and I am a better man for it. I had a Pliny delivered to me from a friend in cali and it tasted thin compared to the juice bombs coming out of the NY and NE brewers. There is the element of the new driving some of this but for me, I have been hooked on the high hop, low malt, low to no bitter and a mouthfeel like OJ with pulp or cider for the past three years or so. While I think there will be a thinning of the weaker brewers over time and some M&A activity from the larger brewers, I think there is a large upside in the smaller, regional places that sell direct or have very limited distribution. The most pain is going to be felt by the big brewers, people do not want to drink piss anymore


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I try not to think about it too much. Why question a good thing? Over examining, staticizing, etc... ich. It's great beer, we have access to lots of it.....STFU and drink it.


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When a brewery like Ballast Point sells out to one of the large companies do you lose interest?
You really didn't think the beer industry was immune to the 3G model?

If I met the man I would shake his hand and say congratulations. I get what your sellin though.

On the other hand let's all face it. Micro distillery's are up to bat
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