that's one tough bike


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Not that unrealistic. Urethane/plastic bumper, no real structure to it. It's just bent inward with a direct hit to a wheel, which is pretty strong.

If it's China and a car made in China for the Chinese market, it's got NO structure. Driver may be lucky to be alive. :)


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many people commenting on the FB post were pretty upset and all pointed out that it was a Korean car (badge looks like Hyundai) and a Chinese bike

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My HS physics education is telling me that no matter how strong that bike wheel is, unless the bike is solidified to the ground or its like Thor's hammer, there is no way that could happen. The bike would have been propelled forward. But then again... its only HS level physics
i buy it.. front ends on most cars these days are made of pretty darn thin and flexible plastic and if everything was just right it could happen. I would think that the guy on the bike would have to be moving forward when the car crept into him and the tire would have been putting upward pressure on the "bumper", then bike stops and the car does not and bam... bumper taco/ bike stand. last but not least the bike tire pops under pressure and rim to road offers no friction so the wheel just slides forward the foot or so that it takes for the car to stop..