Taking MuleFut80 Tubeless


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I am finally getting around to converting the Mukluk tubeless. As the title says, the rims are Sun Ringle MuleFut 80's. Once I took the tires off (to small task, the tubes seem to really seat those tires), I found these little holes in the rim, no idea if they just connect to each other or to the outside (all the holes are the same size, the difference is courtesy of the phone camera). The only way I can see to cover them is to tape edge-to-edge (blue arrows) and I have the right size tape for the job. BUT everything I read says do not tape too close to the edges. Anybody seen these holes and/or dealt with them before?


PS: do not sip on some rye while wiping the rims with rubbing alcohol, the smell really messes with your brain.


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i have the exact same rims and have successfully set them up tubeless using gorilla tape. i can’t remember the exact width but it’s
the one that’s closest to the width of the inner part of the rim

you definitely HAVE TO cover those little holes.

good luck and feel free to ping me if you have questions or issues

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The Ringle rim strip (already on there) doesn't stick to the tubeless tape for shit once it's been inflated upon with a tube. Grab a roll of tyvek from Lowes/Home Despot/Helmart, and run it around the rim sticky side up, in lieu of the rim strip. Then apply your tubeless tape over it. The Mulefut rims are quite tight, you'll have a hell of a time getting a tire dismounted with gorilla tape--I think I've used Frost King draft tape in a pinch.


And yes, it must go wall-to-wall.

*edit edit*

Sauce--I've setup something like 25 pairs of them...


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you definitely HAVE TO cover those little holes.

I trimmed the rim strip down so there was more rim for the gorilla tape to adhere to, you may want to consider that.
Thanks, I did notice the rim strip was wider in places.

I used the 78mm sunringle tape and it works perfectly. Well worth the few extra bucks it cost as I haven't had any issues in 3 years..... https://www.amazon.com/Sun-Rim-Tape-78mm-Wide/dp/B00SM1OA96
That's the tape I have, thanks.

The Ringle rim strip (already on there) doesn't stick to the tubeless tape for shit once it's been inflated upon with a tube.
Is it the powder,rubber from the tube (which I can clean) or the compression?


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I have 3 sets of Mulefut 80 tubeless; for each I bought the SunRingle tape & rim stips designed for the rims. The SR tape goes all the way edge to edge. One wrap or so, add tubeless stems, and some stans, hit with a compressor and my Minion FBR's popped right into place.

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Is it the powder,rubber from the tube (which I can clean) or the compression?
A combo? Cleaning the strip doesn't seem to help. Remember that the adhesive on polyamide tapes tends to be rather low-tack, since it is designed to be removed easily, and it probably just doesn't stick well to the textured tape, since the adhesive layer is also pretty thin.


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so, forgot to take intermediate pictures but removed the tires (really stuck in there, had to use a clamp to pull it off the rim), replaced the rim tape with original from SunRingle, taped it with with the wide tape. so far so good. put the tires on the rim and dumped some Stans in there, rotated, inflated, rotated, etc.

The beads on both side were sitting in the dip in the middle of the rim and no good way to pull them out so I went with the rotate, inflate, repeat method (thank you pancake compressor!). Eventually enough Stans gor on every seam and the tires slowly crept out. The first one pushed out to the edges after a few rounds and a few drops of spilled Stans.

The tires did not seem to seat fully until I deflated (to nothing) and then re-inflated to 25psi or so several times. Each time a different part popped into place. Is this what you guys see?

The second one turned into a horror show, like 20+ rounds of rotate/inflate and a bunch of Stans:


I spent as much time cleaning as I did getting this bugger done. This morning one was low, the other one deflated. I re-inflated and I'll wait another day. I am hoping worst case is dump Stans down the valve and shake/inflate. If I have to unseat the tires again I will cry!


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inflate to 60 once they catch. wear eye protection.

sounds like a water-bath leak search is in your future. GL.

ps - i haven't tried it with these rims/tires - but 60 is what it took with a tube to get them to seat on my daryls


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60psi? You cray cray. Fill them up with air and go for a ride immediately is usually best to get sealant everywhere. As long as they actually seat, somewhat hold air, and not immediately piss sealant everywhere.
Yeah, I wouldn't go any higher than 30 on a fat tire. 60 would be good on a regular MTB tire. Check the tire to see the max pressure you can add.