Sunday 11/12 Group Ride @SplitRock!

Discussion in 'Rides, Races and Events' started by pooriggy, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. JimN

    JimN Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    If you know where you are going, yes. I'm assuming you don't though, so no. If you can't make it tomorrow, hit me up any time for a tour. I ride here a lot.
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  2. notcho

    notcho Well-Known Member

    Boonton Twp
    Yes, I can help drink beers.
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  3. JimN

    JimN Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    OK good, I was worried I would have to drink them all myself.
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  4. Mare45

    Mare45 Well-Known Member

    Yay!! Haven't seen you in years!!
  5. mattybfat

    mattybfat The White Shadow Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Me and my MacDaddy will be pulling up the rear...

    That Irish McPub in Denville has good eats.
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  6. scotth

    scotth Active Member

    South River
    In...Just in case you’re trying to get a head count.
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  7. dmc123

    dmc123 Member

    Califon, NJ
    Count me in also
  8. surf1net

    surf1net Member

    Central Jersey
    Gonna rain check this one. Woke up late. Ridding local instead.
  9. mattybfat

    mattybfat The White Shadow Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Overslept staying local
  10. Robin

    Robin Well-Known Member

    Phlemington, NJ
    Thanks everyone for a great day!
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  11. jackx

    jackx Well-Known Member

    Overslept. May head to Wildcat this afternoon.
  12. moose35

    moose35 Well-Known Member

    Awesome ride and group today.

    Thanks everyone
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  13. pooriggy

    pooriggy Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Good ride, thanks for coming out. Things warmed up quick once we started climbing. It was good to see everyone.
    Thanks @JimN for leading, it was just the right amount of miles.
    Come out to Hartshorne for next one on 12/2 If you can, I'll post up details in a week or so. Also with the coming of December please keep in mind 2nd Life Bikes in Asbury Park. Kerri will be looking for volunteers to help assemble an repair used bikes for the holidays. Details will be posted in the coming weeks.

    Side lighting for the win.


    Doing my best to be like Mitch.


    Only one bike casultie on today's ride, luckily it was on downhill back to car.

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  14. Kaleidopete

    Kaleidopete Well-Known Member

    Moe Mountain
    A nice group of smiling faces!
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  15. goodvibe

    goodvibe Active Member

    Union County, NJ
    Nice to meet everyone. Good ride today.
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  16. i ride after 5

    i ride after 5 Bass Boat Hat

    @JimN thanks for a great tour!
    If anyone missed it that's the actual batcave.
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  17. JimN

    JimN Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Good times and awesome weather today! Thanks everyone for coming out, and feel free to post up or message me whenever you guys want to go back. Also, if anyone thought this ride was too easy and would have been better with harder climbs and more rocks, then you definitely have to come back and see the other trails.

    I can't believe we kept a ride with 20 people together at Wildcat, and that nobody really got hurt or had any mechanicals. A few skinned knees and @seanrunnette ripped his derailleur off, but that happens pretty much every time he rides at Wildcat, so that doesn't count.
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  18. SmooveP

    SmooveP Well-Known Member

    Little Silver
    Fun day, for sure. Thanks again @JimN for the guided tour.
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  19. 1sh0t1b33r

    1sh0t1b33r Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Orange County, NY
    Good times with good company. And I didn’t OTB.
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  20. MadisonDan

    MadisonDan Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Madison, NJ
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