Sunday 11/12 Group Ride @SplitRock!


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Yes, we have another group ride for you. We will be riding split rock, wild cat, trails near Bill's house...this place can be called many different things but it all adds up to fun.

This ride is SUNDAY due to the fact that hunters will not be in the woods on this day. The trails are somewhat technical, so if rocks are not your thing this may not be your cup of meat, soup, or porridge...its up to you to decide. We will meet at the Bat Cave at 9am, yes the Bat Cave. Its a parking lot and there is a bat cave near it, however we will just be parking in the lot an bypassing the cave. @UtahJoe does give tours of cave by appointment only. Chime in with stupid comments, incoherent pics, as well as any questions you may have, also let me know you are coming. Complaints can be addressed to @MissJR .

Parking lot :
Time: 9am
@pooriggy : I plan to come on Sunday. See you then...


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I am totally in with my crew. Is there any alternate parking? I know that the bat cave lot is small and fills up quickly.
There is a little pull off on Meridan Rd, right off of Green Pond that has room for a few cars:
40.931638, -74.485498

You can hop right into the Beach Glen Trail from there. There is also a new gravel lot, but it's considerably further down Meridan Rd, where they demolished an old house:
40.936032, -74.472390

There is also the hawk watch, reservoir, or Bill's house. The bat cave lot is small, but we can also park on the grass to the right of where you pull in. I'm not really expecting a large group, but we'll see.