Stewart Group Ride 6/9 Saturday!


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The much anticipated Stewart Group Love is a go for this Saturday at 9am.

We will be previewing the H2H Stewart racecourse, which is a brand new loop put together to cover the best of Stewart, with the least amount of climbing as possible and the most amount of flow that is permissible by law.
This is an all inclusive, no drop ride, which is beginner friendly. This is one of the least technical places to ride, so come check it out. For those who have a need for speed, we can accomadate faster groups as well, we will split the group based on need. We aim to please.

Post up if you can make it.

Race Reg here.

Time: 9am
Location: 400 Ridge Rd
400 Ridge Rd, Rock Tavern, NY 12575
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I very much want to pre-ride the course with the boy this weekendwith you guys, but we are stuck at a bbq. Will be coming up 6/15 to pre ride