Stan's Bubbling out the Sidewalls?


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That is fine. You wore off some sidewall rubber which is why the cords are showing. Stans is just sealing up the sidewalls. No worries. At some point you will wear off enough sidewall rubber that the tire might fail. Just keep checking the sidewalls for any major damage. You may wear out the sidewalls before the tread if you ride alot of rock. That is how my tires typically wear out due to the fact that 75% of my rides are at Rwood or Wayway.


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usually happens on non tubeless tires in my experience, but either way...never a big deal. Just make sure to check your tire pressure before every ride.


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I've seen this with Spesh, Maxxis and Conti tires (sure there are more out there), so I don't think it's make specific. They were always tires which had a season in and hung up for a few months. My assumptions was that the sealant was separating from the latex and weeping through the sides. If you plan to have wheels unused for a while, take them down and shake them from time to time to keep the sealant from separating.


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It's pretty normal, and yes, I find it more when the bike sits. My Transition has been sweating all winter since I've been riding the other bike. I don't find it's a big deal. Just check the pressure and ride more. If the sealant hasn't been changed in a long time, it may also be time to do so.


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Seen this on many tires, even ones currently being ridden or sitting a while. Tubeless or ghetto conversion does NOT MAKE a difference.
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I was noticing the same bubbles/sweating out Stans on my Maxxis High Rollers. Thought it was strange and a clue to buy new tires, even though the tread was fine. Bought Maxxis Ardents, and same thing. Then thought it was tire mfr. but reading these posts on other tires, I'm relieved - I really like Maxxis. Sidewalls are completely scrubbed off my current Ardents, probably due to a lot of rocky trails - ride CR, Sourlands and High Mountain often.


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Go with the new Finish line brand tubeless sealant.Much better then stans imo because it never dries up.