Sram brake pistons


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Need help. My pistons wont retract all the way to fit new pads. 10 years replacing own pads first issue now.

Too much fluid/air? I let some lube sit overnight and it didnt help so i dont think its seized.

One side pushes in all the way. The other cant. Note photo of piston is after i accidently pressed brake lever.

Tips and suggestions? Sram bleed kit o borrow? Ive only ever bled brakes once.

Also, by looking at my brake levers what kind of adjustments do I have? That silver nut turns but always just turns back to position since the line spins with it. I thought it was pad adjustment or something screwing me up.

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you should be able to push the pistons back in far enough with a tire lever, the fluid level in the caliper increases as the pad thickness decreases


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Thanks @soundz . Rear brake removed the entire screw and pushed pistons in woooo yea but no fluid came out. Front brake unscrewed a little and some fluid came out. Left it slightly open and was able to push pistons back in wooo yea.

Brakes are meh but hell they work! Its been too long. Then had retape one rim and stans both wheels. So happy to have my FS ride back. Riding tomirrow.