Solo mtb riding in Fruita or Moab


I'm planning on going out west to do some MTBing. I would like to go to Frutia or Moab. Trip will be from 3 - 5 days depending on lodging. Planing on going the end of Sept or the beginning of Oct.

Any thoughts on doing a solo mtb trip?
Any advise for riding in any of this area's?
And input on anything would be great.
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I've done a bunch of solo trips in the west over the years - just one thing to bear in mind if you haven't been out there before: the landscapes are much more expansive there. It's harder to judge distances and it's easier to get lost - even if you don't think you are lost. For example, I was doing a solo ride in the northern sections of Sedona a few years ago and while I could see the city below me most of the ride, I was surprised late in the day to find that I still had a lot of miles to go to get back and I had very little water left. It was a tough last ten or so miles. Perspective isn't ideal in country that large. I've never been to Fruita or Moab specifically, but I'd bear that in mind. Be sure you have well mapped routes and be prepared with extra fuel, water and repair equipment. Other than that, have a blast!


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I rode Fruita a few years ago with a group of friends. The 18 Road trails are will marked and except for the "Edge Trail" don't go super far from the parking lot. (caveat, there may be new trails). The trails on "the other side" like Kokopelli, Horsethief, etc do get more remote. Definitely a fun place, maybe see if you can hire a guide to maximize your time....Enjoy!


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A friend of mine was out there last year and used Rim Cyclery for a bike rental and a couple of days of guided rides. All positive review from him.


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I gotta agree....ride with someone out west if you've never been. I'm sure there must be a meetup group or shop ride one of those days that you could jump on.


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If it's nice and and you ride on the classic trails, you won't be alone. Bring plenty of water, tubes, hanger, basic tools, etc. Do Kokopelli and 18 Rd in Fruita, and do The Whole Enchilada, Magnificent 7, and Amasa Back in Moab. You'll want shuttles for the first two.


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Pay attention to where you are and you should be fine both places are very well marked. If youre concerned about getting lost get the trailforks app but still pay attention to youre surroundings. Also you can ride fruita and moab they are only an hour apart. For a non shuttle ride in moab dont miss the capain ahab loop, and for a more tech ride in fruita hit More fun.
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October is better for most everything else and most years unless the snow is early you can still ride whole enchilada from the top that whole top part is like a washed out eroded streambed now anyway.