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Love Brighton! Sadly no trip west this year, but got a 6” powder day at Stowe last week.
Have fun out there. It’s not a great season in the east right now so you’re in the right place.


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@SCOTTscale Sure...I mean its been at shawnee and like 5/8" of an inch above the dirt, but I guess its technically skiing.

Hows my old home town treating you?


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i need to get out west....damn.

last park city trip was awesome - think i was still skiing at the time tho. 100 years ago.

you getting the feel of it?


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Love Brighton! Sadly no trip west this year, but got a 6” powder day at Stowe last week.
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Have fun out there. It’s not a great season in the east right now so you’re in the right place.
Lookout is looking good! My oldest is in Stowe and said yesterday was amazing.

I'll be there next weekend - maybe with the cold temps the snow will still be decent.
Hey guys so I'm gonna try to answer the questions I saw here. Sorry if it's all jumbled and disorganized I'm a little messed up right now.

I'm having a good time.

I started turning a bit after the third time down the hill. But I couldn't stop. I had several hard hits including a double summersault. My hips were in really bad shape for two days. The ski patrol guy came to say hi after the double summersault. He was cool and started giving me a lesson!

I bought my apartment for $135k. Prospector. Great place. I'm AirBnB the shit out of the place this winter. Just happen to be spending a week here to check it out. I've only ever mountain biked here. The point 2 point starts 10 minutes down the rail trail.

It's not cheap here but Brighton twilight pass from 4-9 + gear rental cost me $89. Dirt cheap lift tickets compared to DV (no snowboarding), PCM, and Canyons. Unfortunately I had to drive almost an hour around the mountain to get there. But it was worth it.

I only pay Summit County $507 a year in taxes. So there's that. My HOA fee is more than my mortgage payment. Once the assessment rolls off it should be pretty sweet. They had to replace all of the roofs.

The roads are phenomenal despite 300+ inches of snow a year and dirt cheap taxes. They even paved fucken Guardsmen. The entire thing! Screw NJ roads!!

So yes it's expensive but not as expensive as NJ. Not by a Longshot if you take into consideration how good the school is up here also.

I experience altitude sickness. I did 6 runs down the explorer (bunny) hill. It did me in when I got down the last time I just fell down and took the boots out and just layed there on the snow for a couple minutes to catch my breath. My friends wanted me to join them at the bar. I got to the bar but was feeling sick. Use your imagination from there. Yucky. Then after I dehydrated from that I drank 4 full pitchers of water and had a wicked headache. 10,000 feet can fuck you up!! I didn't even feel that bad riding the Crest Trail at 11,000. Snowboarding is definitely a harder workout for sure... The sickness passed but thank God I've been riding the trainer this winter. I probably would have been in much worse shape.

I just had so much fun that my fatigue didn't get me until the end!!

Place is mine for the summer. Poor bike is waiting patiently improperly locked up in my too small storage room. :)



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Wow Jeff, you went snowboarding without an official lesson - that was brave!
the first half of the first day is all about catching those edges, and getting slammed to the ground. Glad you survived,
and kept going. i have a theory that this is why those who stick with it learn the basics very quickly. all that negative feedback
for misplaced moves.

place sounds solid! you are now spoiled, unless it is the morning after a snowstorm, don't go to anything local to north jersey.....


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I took a lesson a few years ago at Camelback. That place sucks.

My friends gave me the pointers to get started. There's really no other way to learn without doing?
Instructors build on some basic skills - and know ways to describe it. A few drills, like falling leaf, and leaf toe, to heal....
If you are turning, and not wiping out every run, you are past that. next level up lessons work one getting the board to carve.

other tip: if you fall forward (face first) make sure your hands are making a fist, and absorb the fall into your forearms. elbows in.
never stick your arms out falling backwards, try to roll.

there is so much hard-pack/ice here, it is just a painful place to learn - glad u got back on.


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Yeah it has to be learned where there is actually snow. Not saying Brighton was perfect but when I hit I at least had a little shock support. One of the sections was so soft I had to crawl out of it. With time...
Brighton is a great spot to learn.

I have a friend who works at brighton. I'll ask him who you should take a private lesson with. That Is next.

Learning is sometimes harder on a flatter slope. I'd look for a wide, smooth slope with good grooming. Ideally the day after a good snow.
Learning to ride in powder is a totally different sport. (frankly a better sport)

Be certain that you are goofy or regular and don't assume that you are one by default..

Get your own equipment asap. The rental gear is likely shit. I can help you make some good choices.
Thanks, Jason

I started off with my right foot back and then switched to left foot forward? They did some weird crap with the bindings before my friend adjusted them also. I don't even really remember I was beat up so much. I wanted to go back for another day but my hips were done. I could barely walk two days later.

Most of the workout is bending over to strap those things in. I need to work on my core.

I found this thing behind my couch. So I guess that's one piece of gear... The boards, binding, boots, etc. all go for like half price off or more around Labor Day. If I do the Point 2 Point this year I'm gonna def checkout one of the 3 shops that are across the street from each other lol

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