skills camps


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Hey, fellas. I'm booked solid on Weekends until July.

A Friday option would open things up significantly.
Fri, May 5th
Fri, June 2nd
Fri, June 30th

Learning is done in a grass field. We can include a ride and hunt for challenges to session but that is after going over skills.

I like the idea of working on skills for 2-3 hours and then going for a ride together. Throw out some park suggestions and I'll let you know what I think. Lewis - Morris, Ringwood, Clayton, Allaire, Thorne, Kittatinny, and others are good possibilities.

Beginner/ Intermediate and Manuals/Wheelie do not go together.

Search for Ryan Leech' s 30-day challenges if you want those skills.
how about Chimney Rock park, they have a large ball park
then head on over to orange and yellow from Gilbride to practice the newly found skills


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seems like we only have 3 confirmed, is May 5th out?
What about the other proposed dates folks? I can probably make it work for most Fridays
Fellow members, we're looking to fill 2 more spots for a 3-hour intermediate skills class next Friday May 5th at 1:30 PM at Chimney Rock. Any takers?
@trener1 what start time next Fri would work for you? If there is consensus on it, and if we can get 1 more rider, then we may be able to pull it off. Otherwise, the next available date per Ben is Fri Jun 2nd. Thanks.