Sixmilers IG account


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Wow, I just found this lol. Old news, but yeah that's me. Thanks for the shout Gary, and Dustin and I met last summer on the trail.

So yeah I'm Glenn. MTB lover, trail advocate, JORBA member, bike nut, old school BMX collector, artist, designer and amateur photographer.

It basically all started because I wanted Six Mile Run stickers for my car and bike helmet. So, being an artist, I designed my own. Then decided to give some away and sell some. Then decided to make an IG account and a website. Kinda took off from there, posting pics of the trail and advocating for safe, fun, and proper use of the trail, and support of the people who maintain the trails. I am a JORBA member as stated, and I sell stuff through the SixMilers site (just stickers for now) and donate proceeds to JORBA. I plan to make more stuff, t shirts, socks, hats, water bottles, etc. Again, I cover my costs and the rest goes to JORBA.

See you on the trail!

- G