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The scary thing for them is that my kids got me using Spotify a lot more lately, and it really makes me question whether I want to keep going through the procedure...We will see...
I've been off SXM for over a month, so far not missing it that much due to streaming services (thumbs down to Ted Nugent never to be heard again). I really liked a lot of the Wharton channel content but podcasts are making up for that (though the unexpected midchat spots suck). The renewal process is a complete turnoff so like you said, we will see....


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I was told by an employee that if you find the cheapest deal...6 months $50 or whatever it is, they have to honor it.
i'm 99% they'd honor any current, legit deal that applies. (they won't give a current subscriber a free radio if not adding a subscription - unless you sold a car and got one with no sxm)

make sure you get the offer code - it is always somewhere on the click-through.


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I was told by an employee that if you find the cheapest deal...6 months $50 or whatever it is, they have to honor it.

i have 6 months for $30 right now, when i called in and said anymore wasnt worth it they immediately offered to reup that deal . . . (idk if they are advertising it right now or not)


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So I got my annual udate letter over the weekend and called ready to cancel. I told them that I was switching to Spotify and they offered $99 year (down from $200). I told them no and still wanted to cancel. They offered $60/year with a credit from what I had left, so wound up with another year for $48. I can live with that. The Spotify talk seemed to really speed up the process from what I had to deal with the last few years.


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I was up for renewal on 1/9...called yesterday, told them I was considering cancelling all 7 radios...they immediately offered me the $60/year. This was probably the easiest, smoothest transaction I ever had with the company. The biggest hassle was having to listen to the disclaimer/speech they have to give you for each radio so you can authorize the credit card charge each time. Apparently, they do not have the technology to say $75.28 ($60 + fees/taxes) x 7, so we need to charge you $526.96. Nope....7 times to hear the exact same speech just to say yes 7 times. Overall, took about 20-25 minutes, but now I am good for another year.