Single speed USA 2018


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I'm on the fence for this for a few reasons. On the plus side, I've been to a few of them around the country and it's a really fun event. (And know this: it's an event, not a race. Anyone who goes to SSUSA thinking they're going to race is missing the point.) Also, it's close and, from what I hear, the riding is great there. That's not surprising - I haven't been to one where the riding wasn't great. On the minus side, I'm trying to spend less time away from home for cycling this year (because when I am away it'll be for longer periods of time than some other years) and this may not fit given other things happening. Hopefully I can work it out. Either way, I strongly encourage anyone to do this if they can. SSUSA is a really fun, laid back event. And if you don't have a singlespeed, make one. It's worth it!


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I *may* come out of retirement for this...providing my SS doesn't spontaneously explode/fall apart before then. I have family/place to crash across the river in Matamoras so it's more appealing.