Short Track #2

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  1. Norm

    Norm Mayor McCheese Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Lap 1: Less than 28 minutes
    Lap 2: Less than 128 minutes
    Lap 3: More than 2 minutes
    Lap 4: Less than 18 minutes
    Lap 5: Less than 99 minutes
    Lap 6: Less than 20,087 minutes



    If you ask me any more questions I'm going to punch you in the nuts.

    And to all the other people out there who are asking - the reason it is taking so long is because the people pre-riding have made a bit of a nightmare in trying to get these results nailed down. Some laps were missed and others were double counted. Trying to figure all that out now.
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  2. fidodie

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    @Carson - i have something for you....not that you like beer.
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  3. xc62701

    xc62701 Well-Known Member

    Do you have the tenths of a second?
    Where do babies come from?
    Does Santa stop to pee on Christmas eve?

    Thanks Norm :D
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  4. Norm

    Norm Mayor McCheese Team MTBNJ Halter's

    1. We actually do. But we decided to round. Look at your laps. Scrap the 1st one because it is not the proper/full lap. Your 5 full laps are within 6 seconds of each other.
    2. Detroit
    3. Let me put it to you this way. You know how you leave out milk on Xmas eve for Santa and when you wake up and there's some left? Don't drink it.
  5. awesome back and forth can't wait for next week
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  6. @extremedave your motivational talks throughout the entire first 4 laps were amazing. I'm glad I was able to put in the work while you enjoyed the path of least resistance being in my wake (hahahahaha JK JK) @tucg15 responded the only way he knew how after such power was layed out in front of him, lay the bike down. Sorry that interfered with our sprint to the finish. Can't wait for next week!
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  7. TonyU

    TonyU Member

    Haha that would be me who laid down his bike to screw up the sprint finish! All that work to get back into it after the dropped chain and I then lay the bike down! Damn! Haha. Great racing with you guys today. That was a fun battle!
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  8. M3Tim

    M3Tim Well-Known Member

  9. mattybfat

    mattybfat The White Shadow Team MTBNJ Halter's

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  10. M3Tim

    M3Tim Well-Known Member


    Sorry I don't understand, all mtb races are run on private property?
  11. Kirt

    Kirt JORBA: Chimney Rock, Team MTBNJ.COM Team MTBNJ Halter's JORBA.ORG

    Central Jersey
    The camp we run this on is private property and we built all the trails specifically to run races on. So any damage that's done can & will be repaired by us. Most races are not run on private property, they are run on public, ie' county or state parks. So the general public can complain about any damage that may occur and depending on what was damaged it may be harder to repair. It's a perfect set up for us.
  12. DownhillR3

    DownhillR3 Active Member

    New Jersey
    So bummed I missed! Thankfully no midnight shift before next weekends event so I don't get to bed at 3am, Sunday morning. ;)

    Hope everyone stayed warm!
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  13. extremedave

    extremedave Well-Known Member

    Denville, NJ
    I think I did pass you once, then you came back by, then we continued to run the exact same damn pace-which was weird.

    @TonyU style points count too! Next time you can lead I'm tired of looking at Bills' butt. ;)
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  14. TonyU

    TonyU Member

    Agreed!! His ass stinks! Ha
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