Short Track #2

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  1. jimvreeland

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    Yeah. The lower section was awesome, mostly because it cut out that last little climb!! Much prefer rocks to climbs. Awesome job again from the MTBNJ Folk, see you next week for Round 3!!
  2. Harry Hamilton

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    I love this race series. You get wheels sets for wins! Thanks @UtahJoe ! @MadisonDan sorry that you couldn't make the race today
  3. Another awesome job by the MTBNJ crew. Thanks again for another terrific outing, see you all next week!
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  4. extremedave

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    Denville, NJ
    What Jim said! I was surprised when we turned down off the gravel but it was fun to ride that section again. Had a blast today, got into some really fun back and forth battles then got to watch Ryan SMASH the lower rock line to gain 2-3 spots just before the finish. Far side of the lake turned quite a bit softer than I thought, otherwise good times all around.
    Thanks to mtbnj for the event and for sneaking me in plus "substitute Norm" @muddybike for getting us going!
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  5. fidodie

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    Well done on the event, and the course! the loop rocks.
    unlike @c_la_b, i did not shed my jacket and paid for it starting on the second lap.
    nice to see a good crowd, racing and spectating. and of course, the kids are awesome.
  6. i ride after 5

    i ride after 5 Bass Boat Hat

    I have come to the conclusion that I don't particularly like racing but love riding my bike.

    Fat bike race went well until a flat tire in the rock garden section on lap three. I got to the first turn in first after the road climb start. Then in my holy shit how did that happen excitement forgot to shift gears for the upcoming climbed.I think everyone past me. Who cares!
    Sport race went equally as well.
    We get the go buzzer and I can't clip in with my left foot the whole way up the road. Stop at the top and said to the 3 people standing there. I think my cleat is loose. Look down and there is a rock stuck in there.
    Someone in a Mtbnj shirt helped pull it out. Not sure who @Chris26er?? but thanks.
    This was also my second ride on a single speed. I completed all 6 laps from dead last. Almost got around @1sh0t1b33r on the last lap but without gears was futile.
    Had a great 2.5 race run and will not be attending the last 2.
    Thanks MTBNj and everyone involved in making these races happen.
    Loved riding the lower section this week great course fun atmosphere all around.
    Thanks Glenn
    I Put this on my Instagram
    Frozen Mud chain guide 20170305_123408.jpg
    Yes some spots got a little wet from the power of the sun.
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  7. pxs231

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    For some reason I got to the venue almost 2 hours before the sport start time thinking the race started at 9:30. Proceeded to mess around in the parking lot just to find that my "sealed" rear shifter cable had gotten water in it and would only shift in one direction, to lower gears. I guess you shouldn't leave your bike on the hitch rack during a thunderstorm while you work. Spent 45 minutes working the cable in the sun and getting it loose, but it would freeze back up after riding a few minutes in the cold air. Increased the tension on the derailleur and hoped for the best. I figured I still had my front shifter so I would pick a mid range rear gear and use a double speed. The race starts and I'm spinning up the road and everyone is passing me, 26er is disappointed and so on... somewhere in 1st lap I accidentally realized that thanks to the sun, my rear shifter was kinda working after all. Since I had lost my primary excuse for being slow, I started pushing it a bit more. I'm generally bad at starts so having to pass people throughout the race is something I'm used to having to do. Having my wife and little guy cheering at the bottom of the lake helped a lot too. Thanks to the guy in the Honey Stinger bib for letting me get by him in the tight techy section by the lake. I have passed a few people in this series and they all have been very accomodating which is great to see.
    Oh and the fifth lap was an interesting twist after laying it all out on the forth lap thinking it was the last one. In the end it was my front shifter that got caked in mud and wouldn't downshift while the rear mostly worked.
    Thank you for another great race and freezing sunday morning!
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  8. muddybike

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    fun times today!
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  9. fidodie

    fidodie Well-Known Member Staff Member

    warmer next week - currently calling for snow!
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  10. @pxs231 I am the one who dons the Honey Stinger Honeycomb! Anytime my friend, you were gassing up behind I wasn't trying to hold you back. Pleasure racing with you today! Next week you can yield to me! hahaha
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  11. UtahJoe

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    Great seeing all of you today and thanks for coming out despite the green Bay Wisconsin weather.

    The sun thawing the ground.. Making some mud, then it instantly freezing was something I have never seen in a bike race that I can recall. Big thanks to @ktmrider for lending us his generator and the actual sun... On a cart with wheels

    Breathing for that first lap... Felt like I was sucking in a mist of acid... Man that hurt.

    Much better day for me this week... Really started to feel good after a few laps.... Starting to get my form back.
  12. Ryan.P

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  13. xc62701

    xc62701 Well-Known Member

    Can I be that guy? Are results posted yet?
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  14. jackx

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    Wood be great if everyone was on Strava Flyby and that could be used to gauge early results before the official ones.

    Thanks to the MTBNJ crew and volunteers! The new lake loop is awesome! Always fun turning myself inside out.

    I Had a great time today in the crisp weather. Was surprised there was so much mud, although I guess the sun really warmed things up.
  15. Norm

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    Yes, and no.

    But I can tell you this...

    12. Wilson Vasquez
    13. Chris Brawley @pooriggy
    14. Kirt Mills @Kirt
    15. Ryan Heerschap @xc62701
    16. Brian Ruane @rottin'
    17. Cole Smith
  16. xc62701

    xc62701 Well-Known Member

    Sweet! Thanks! Now I need lap times ;)
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  17. extremedave

    extremedave Well-Known Member

    Denville, NJ
    (Although I'm glad you asked first) :p
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  18. xc62701

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    It's the number geek in me that likes to check out the times.
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  19. extremedave

    extremedave Well-Known Member

    Denville, NJ
    I was shooting for a crowd-pleasing 4 way sprint to the finish until you passed errybody!

    Then @billy64 's riding buddy threw his bike in front of me to protect his position. Team orders I presume.
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  20. extremedave

    extremedave Well-Known Member

    Denville, NJ
    From years of racing motorbikes I'm with you. Lap times are everything there!
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