Short Track #2


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We are under the impression that a fire road climb and switchbacks down is much more fun than not, so the plan is to keep the same course and direction at least on that side of the pond.


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More than likely, open class will run the lower line on the eastern side of the lake to spice things up a little.


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In that case, if you are on a fat bike (since they will be racing with open class)...the lake side is a bit more raw/rocky...adjust tire pressure accordingly.

Next week you go straight through the lake. Week 4, on top of it.
I thought week 4 was just hill repeats on the driveway, followed by bike pushup contest?


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I was running my tires maxed out at 15psi on the fatty. That's like running 60psi on a 29er.

That's also why I was one of the 2 fat bikers that didn't get caught by any Open Racers.


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I think you should remove the flat part of thr bridge at the bottom of the lake and force the experts to hit the up ramp fast enough to clear it outright. And park a photographer nearby.


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What a contrast in weather. I loved that cold snowy winter.
This showed up on my FB feed a week ago, I think it's from our first ST 5 yrs. ago. Sigh.



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In for sport round 2! Had a blast last week and looking forward to another great day. Decided to go against my screen name and run 1x10 for this week so I don't get blown away on the start.