Shock mounting sleeve/bushing


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So i recently put a new Cane Creek shock on my bike replacing the Monarch i had. I followed the manufacturer's instructions on its website video for installation of the mounting hardware, but had a more difficult time getting the sleeve through the eyelet bushing then the demonstration showed. It seemed that it took more force from the vice than i would have expected, and it even seemed as though the bushing was slightly pushed through the other side from the friction of the sleeve installation. I made sure to go through the chamfered side so not sure why else that would be. End of the day, i did get the first side through and it looked to be very close to centered but not sure it was 100%. when i went to install the other side, I put a light coat of grease over the bushing to ease entry and it was much easier. I read after the fact that it is generally not recommended to grease the inside of the bushing. Would you suggest that I remove the grease, do you think it poses any risks or performance issues? Would like to know before taking it out and risking damage. thanks!