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Little mustang has been slow lately, but I got a little done yesterday

This @#$%^&*() springs has been giving me fits.

I bought new, replacement big block springs as the spring in my car are original and almost 52 years old now. I called around, talked to some people in the know and found what was supposed to be the stock replacements.....right away I noticed that they are like WAY longer than the originals...which wasnt a shocker, I mean after 52 years, perhaps they have settled a bit

So I bought an internal spring compressor which you need to get the springs into the shock tower....However, I found it was dam near impossible to compress them enough to get them to fit. I did eventually get them to compress enough, but it was terrifying how twisted up they were, both in the compressor and in the car...They were actually bowing outwards which didnt look right.

Death trap 101
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So I talked to another guy who sold me the roller spring perches and he gave me a heads up that these springs need to be trimmed....blah blah...lot of conversation about how much trimming later....I ended up cutting off 1 coil.
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So then, while still having to compress it to absurd levels, I was able to get it seated without having it bowing outwards.....

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So I think this is right, however, no idea until everything is in the car, wheels/fenders back on and I see how its sitting....cant wait!

Anyway, with this done, the rest of the suspension/brakes should be wrapped up soon
Can't wait to drive it!
I had a similar experience when I lowered my s10.. I wrestled with the springs and put everything back together and the front end was too high and stiff. Called the company - they sent me full size chevy truck springs... so I had to take the front end all apart again, put it back together stock and wait for the correct springs.. correct springs arrives, rinse repeat.


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The correct way to fix this is aluminum heads, aluminum intake. Then you're down to the weight of a small block.

Then purchase small-block springs. As of now your spring rate is too high. :)

The other option possibly is the GT-350 modification to the lower control arm. Then you probably would have a better handling car and the springs would fit...
you mean where you lower the upper control arm 1 inch? That might have helped...but the springs were so BOWED outwards, not sure. I did install roller spring perches on the bottom, which you might be able to see in the pic....This is supposed to improve handling/ride quite a bit. As @ChrisG noticed...the factory coils had 1 less coil than the replacements. Not sure why this is the case. This is where its nice to be restoring an old mustang...many people have had this problem so with a little looking around, I found a ton of information.