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  1. Gnick

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    I'll be out in sedona at the end of the month for a week with the family. I'm staying right near some trailheads and planned on just renting a bike and hitting the trail. I'm going with my wife, wifes gf, brother in law etc. No one else rides. does anyone have any experience riding alone out there? i wont be hitting Hangover alone, or anything else with any real exposure. Any extra gear I should pack?
  2. JimN

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    I rode alone out there and was fine. Bring plenty of food and water. Areas near the trailheads are swarmed with hikers and weirdos, and you'll likely see bikers out on the trails fairly often.
  3. jmanic

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    Pack the mtbproject app
    It has great coverage and will help get you around.
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  4. gtluke

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    Two Bridges
    I rode a few times alone out there, it's not remote really so it's not a big deal to be solo.
  5. ReggieHammond

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    Like others have stated, I've ridden here alone without any issues. The trails are very well marked. I rented from both Bike n Bean as well as Over the Edge and both were great to work with.

    Both sold a paper map for a few dollars that helped me tremendously.
  6. Gnick

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    thanks for the responses everyone. I posted on MTBR as well in the Arizona section and received this response. I'm not quite sure how literal i should take it.

    Well the snakes will still be out but they generally keep their distance, the thing to be most concerned with is that we are going into prime scorpion mating season. Starting in the beginning of September there are thousands of scorpions that climb there way up into to the juniper trees to find partners and make sweet scorpion love. It wouldn't be such a big deal but there are so many aggressive males fighting for courtship that many are knocked out of the branches and fall onto unsuspecting hikers and riders. Just stay covered up in thick long sleeved shirts and pants and make sure to have an insect hat with a bug screen on it, you seriously can't go out safely without these.

    I won't go out in Sedona during the next two months any longer, it's just too dangerous but the scorpion mating season is quite the sight to behold. It's like a mass, 17 year cicada hatching. There are days it's literally raining scorpions in Sedona back country. It's pretty darn spectacular. Just take the proper precautions and you should be fine.
  7. Santapez

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    Never heard about Scorpions there...

    My one piece of advise, Hiline trail is a don't-miss. Save it for your last day.

    It's technical, you won't ride half of it. But it was by far the coolest trail. I'd even say hike it if you're concerned.
  8. Gnick

    Gnick Active Member

    good to know - thats on my list

    the dude talking about the scorpions on mtbr was trolling big time. forget all of that.

    thanks everyone!
  9. Tarroneus

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    was out there in May, totally amazing. I think my favorite ride was Broken Arrow/Submarine Loop/Little Horse/Llama. Wagon Wheel counterclockwise was also great. And Slim Shady southbound. I would rent a FS bike, lots of loose rocky stuff. Have fun!
  10. Gnick

    Gnick Active Member

    thanks - really looking forward to this. I think im going to rent a bronson

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