Scratch on stanchion

Paul H

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Had the stupidest fall today and ended up scratching my stanchion. Won't get into the detail because it was so dumb but does this need to be taken care of? If so, can it be fixed or does it need to be replaced? Lastly, how much will it cost? I can feel the scratch and it's a Fox Performance 36 150... I think




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How about sliding the o-ring down,go for a short ride and see where o-ring lands up to see if you need to address it?


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You really can't fix it, but as long as it's not leaking you can ride it. The John Nicholson method is to use a razor blade, hold it roughly straight out from the tube and gently go AROUND (not up and down!) the stanchion getting any burrs off it. The burrs will damage the seals. If you ride it a few times and it doesn't leak there's really nothing bad going on but you can't fix the coating.