Saturday/Sunday morning group road rides near Somerville/Hillsborough


Not-So-Venerable Asshat
With my limited time and the rain being such a pain, I’m looking for early morning weekend group road rides in the Somerville/Hillsborough/Montgomery area.

Anybody have suggestions?



Shop: Pops Bike Shop
Shop Keep
We run a Saturday morning road ride out of our shop in Bound Brook. Normally, A, B, and C rides....27-40 miles, depending on the group. We start to gather about 7:30AM, so you can use restrooms/pump up tires/grab a gel or spare tube/gawk at someones bike, etc...We pull out at 8AM. Upon the return, we provide Duck Donuts and Starbucks coffee for the riders.

Here is the facebook link to the regular ride...
Here is the link to our new Endurance ride...

We would really like for anyone with a road bike, that can average at least 12-14 MPH or above, to join us Saturday mornings. The more the merrier!

Shop address is 227 West Union Avenue, Bound Brook NJ 08805. Lots of parking available!

We are also in the planning stages to add a weekday MTB ride, more to follow on that (hopefully) within the next month or so.

Marc C.
Pops Bike Shop